Mathias Hasselmann wrote:
> Hello,
> Sparse uses The Open Software License v. 1.1 which contains this clause:
>         9) Acceptance and Termination. If You distribute copies of the
>         Original Work or a Derivative Work, You must make a reasonable
>         effort under the circumstances to obtain the express and
>         volitional assent of recipients to the terms of this License.
> What does this mean for hosting a public git repository[1] to organize
> sparse patches? Do I have to put some "Accept License" page in front 
> of it? How do I force git to show that "Accept License" page when
> downloading from that repository? 
> What does this clause mean for sending patches to the mailing list. 
> Shouldn't the patches be attached as password protected source archive
> and the message contain something like "By extracting that archive you
> declare to obey the terms of The Open Software License"?
> Maybe that password thing is a solution for making git repositories 
> OSL compliant?

Oh dear, I just found out that Debian considers OSL 1.1 non-free, though
not for this clause (which does seem particularly onerous), but for
clause 10.

That could be a problem for us GLib guys, as that would force gnome into


> Thank you,
> Mathias
> [1]

Rob Taylor, Codethink Ltd. -
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