On Fri, 7 Sep 2007, Mathias Hasselmann wrote:

> Yup, out of all GPL incompatible licenses choosing OSL 1.1 probably was 
> the worst one Linus could choose. Maybe this stupid licensing choice 
> explains why this pretty code which sparse is doesn't get the attention 
> it deserves... :-(

Yeah, the OSL wasn't the best choice. I tried to change it (look in the 
sparse email archives) a few years ago, but I never got in contact with 
anybody at Transmeta back then who could have the power to relicense, and 
while my work with Linux has always been unquestionably mine (ie my work 
contract explicitly stated such), with sparse it isn't as obvious..

So back then, I couldn't get anybody to look at it (not that I tried all 
that hard), and I don't think I even have any contacts left to people I 
know at Transmeta any more.

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