On 03/26/2016 09:56 AM, Iain Paton wrote:
> Having reread the A20 datasheet yesterday, something in the back of my 
> mind was bothering me overnight so I took some time to check this morning.
> On the lime2 schematic we see the pins labeled as follows:
> F19 : VCC_CSI0
> E18 : VCC_CSI1
> However the A20 datasheet doesn't label them this way, instead using:
> F19 : VCC-PE : Port E Power Supply
> E18 : VCC-PG : Port G Power Supply
> no mention at all of CSI. CSI just happens to be a function that can be 
> multiplexed onto ports E & G.
> So lets assume for a moment we don't have a CSI device, or a CSI driver 
> and are not using those pins for CSI functions but are instead using 
> their default GPIO purpose, or in the case of PG perhaps for UART3 
> or UART4.
> What happens when you disable the regulator?  Hopefully from the above 
> you'll already have worked out that you lose ports E & G when you turn 
> their I/O power supply off and anything multiplexed onto those ports 
> becomes unuseable.

Hi Iain,

I took some time to go through the data sheets and your analysis is on

I did raise an issue with Olimex via github [0]. Maybe they will update
their schematics.

I do have my breakout board connected to GPIO-1.. and it turns out that
mostly port G is exposed on GPIO-1. I'll be reverting Hans' patch locally
so I can toggle some pins today. I am sure he will contribute his own
thoughts on the matter.

> I've also just tested building u-boot with LDO3 & 4 voltages set to 
> 3.3v to be the same as CubieBoard, this works for lime2.
> So it's unlikely that the 2.8v & 2.3v settings from my previous patch 
> make sense. The crash is actually being caused by something else, 
> probably sequencing, due to unnecessarily turning the regulators off.
> Whatever the reason, we don't have enough information in the 
> datasheets to know for sure so we simply shouldn't turn them off to 
> begin with.

I just tried that on linux and axp20x-regulator.ko refuses to set the
on ldo4:

[   88.914653] at24 1-0050: 2048 byte 24c16 EEPROM, writable, 16 bytes/write
[   96.893312] axp20x-i2c 0-0034: AXP20x variant AXP209 found
[   96.910631] axp20x-i2c 0-0034: AXP20X driver loaded
[   96.955579] input: axp20x-pek as
[   96.971734] ldo4: failed to apply 3300000uV constraint(-22)
[   96.990646] axp20x-regulator axp20x-regulator: Failed to register ldo4
[   97.012686] axp20x-regulator: probe of axp20x-regulator failed with
error -22

Perhaps this requires another patch [1], but unless there's a real need
for me to verify this,
I'll simply revert the u-boot patch and enjoy working GPIO.


[0] https://github.com/OLIMEX/OLINUXINO/issues/35
[1] https://www.spinics.net/lists/devicetree/msg118871.html

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