On 30-03-16 06:57, Michael Haas wrote:
On 03/28/2016 03:01 PM, Hans de Goede wrote:
but unless there's a real need
for me to verify this,
I'll simply revert the u-boot patch and enjoy working GPIO.

Given the entire discussion in this thread, I agree that fixing this
in u-boot
is best. But I do not see reverting the u-boot patch disabling ldo3/4
by default
as the solution. ldo3/4 are unused on most boards, so disabling them
by default
clearly is the right thing todo IMHO.

I just checked the Banana Pi, which exposes ports from bank E on its
CON1. Admittedly,
that's the "Camera Serial Interface", but that connector is explicitly
also labelled
as supporting various GPIO pins: http://www.bananapi.org/p/product.html

That connector is not usable unless you've got a really special cable,
also ldo3/4 are disabled in the kernel dts, so it does not matter what u-boot

On the Cubietruck, there's also CN9, exposing some GPIO ports from bank G:

The Cubietruck also has ldo3/4 disabled in the kernel dts.

Given that there tend to be crashes on re-enabling LDO3+LDO4 and many
boards expose affected pins (not only for CSI!): wouldn't be it be the
best to keep them enabled?

s/Many boards/Lime 2/ and we still do not fully understand what is going
on there, we just know that not enabling ldo3/4 at the u-boot level
causes issues, we do not know / understand why though.

U-boot supports 52 boards with an axp209 pmic, yet you only name a select
few which need ldo3/4 according to you, and for 2 of your examples the
kernel dts says differently.

I'm not going to enable ldo3/4 by default on all boards just because they
are needed on the Lime 2.



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