On Wed, 13 Oct 2004, Phil Dibowitz wrote:

> Alan Stern wrote:
> >     There is a #undef near the start of the source file which can
> >     be changed to #define to enable use of the old initialization
> >     scheme.  If the symbol is not defined then most of the old code
> >     will be optimized away by the compiler.
> Shouldn't this be a boot parameter, or something similar? Having to 
> modify and recompile your kernel is a bit much for most end users...

With a little luck no one will have to do it.  The #undef was intended 
mainly for use by developers and testers, anyway.

There can be endless discussions about whether a feature should be 
controlled by a configuration option, a boot parameter, a module 
parameter, a compile-time switch, a source-code change, or a patch.  I 
chose to make this a simple source-code change.

Alan Stern

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