Am Donnerstag, den 15.03.2018, 09:33 +0200 schrieb Mathias Nyman:
> On 14.03.2018 12:29, Oliver Neukum wrote:
> > 
> > We should also export all raw data we have. User space can be trusted
> > to get a multiplication right and it is not the kernels job
> > to interpret such data.
> Do I understand correctly that you propose the "speed" sysfs entry
> should only show the lane signaling rate, i.e. 5000 or 10000 for USB 3.x.

Yes. Well actually we should call it rate then.
And if you are paranoid split it in tx and rx.

> Adding rx_lanes and tx_lanes and keeping "speed" as lane signaling rate
> is probably the cleanest and most straight forward approach.
> I still would like to add  a "Gen XxY" or "SSIC" to the
> "new/reset SuperSpeed USB device number  using " dev_info string.


> It's a quick way of checking if the device works at the expected speed when
> connecting a device.

Indeed. In the journal everything is fair and we definitely want
to tell at glance whether we got the lane count or the rate wrong.


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