Krzysztof Opasiak <k.opas...@samsung.com> writes:


>>> A few advantages over a couple options I've considered are that this mostly
>>> reuses existing functionalities and won't affect users that haven't enabled
>>> it. Please let me know of any feedback on the design or any possible
>>> implementation issues.
>> IMHO, considering the amount of Android users, we can merge this into
>> composite.c itself. Just make the code depend on CONFIG_ANDROID. Or
>> something along the lines of
>>      android_audio_accessory_init();
>> should get the job done.
> Huh and what with people that are not android but need to support 
> Android accessory in their products?

Do those really exist?

Well, if they _really_ exist, we can add a "Enable Support for Android
Audio Accessory" specific to the gadget framework. Then test for:


or whatever. I'm not certain such devices exist though, need


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