On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 07:03:24PM +0200, Guido Kiener wrote:
> The working group "VISA for Linux" of the IVI Foundation
> www.ivifoundation.org specifies common rules, shared libraries and
> drivers to implement the specification of "VPP-4.3: The VISA Library"
> on Linux to be compatible with implementations on other operating systems.
> The USBTMC protocol is part of the "VISA Library" that is used by many
> popular T&M applications.
> An initial implementation for Linux based on libusb has been created.
> While functional it has some drawbacks:
> - Performance
> - Requires root privileges to reclaim devices already claimed by
>   the usbtmc driver
> The following collaborative patches meet the requirements of the IVI
> Foundation to implement the library based on the usbtmc driver.
> Improvements in the data transfer rate of over 130 MByte/s for
> usb 3.x connections have been measured.

Why is the libusb version "slower"?  Last I checked, we could reach
line-speeds for USB quite easily from userspace with no problem.  If you
keep the endpoints full you should be just fine.  Unless you have a
horrid protocol that doesn't allow for that :)


greg k-h
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