On 2018-06-12 20:28:27 [+0200], Bjørn Mork wrote:
> Yes, the atomic case should be rare.  It will only happen on errors, and
> IIUC that's only to work around issues caused by reporting errors back
> to userspace without actually wanting to err out anyway.

Yup. The missing part is if this was done to workaround a specific
userland application or most/all of them.

> I believe it would be better to decide one an error policy and stick to
> that.  Then you could just simplify away that whole mess, by either
> ignoring the error and continue or bailing out and die.

"Bailing out and die" would be a revert of commit c1da59dad0eb
("cdc-wdm: Clear read pipeline in case of error")?
And ignoring the error would be "not updating rerr" in
I don't care either way. I can do whatever works for you/users best.

> Bjørn

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