Dear kernel devs,

I'm using openSUSE Tumbleweed (kernel 4.7.2-2-default) on an ASUS Vivobook 
Flip TP301UA-C4028T, see here for specs:

Since my install in July, USB hot-plug (a.k.a. plug'n'play) is not working. To 
make any USB device working (I tested many USB keys, a slideshow remote 
control and a mouse), it has to be plugged on boot up or wake up from suspend. 
Using the following command also make the system aware that USB is connected:
udevadm trigger

More information can be found on the following thread on the openSUSE forums:

Since, from what I shared on that thread didn't lead anywhere suspicious, the 
guy that helped me there found my problem much curious and encouraged me to 
report this bug to this mailing list.

I'm no IT guys, but I'll happily type any command that could give you more 
input (much of the input is already available in the forum thread).

Hope this will be of any help!

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