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The less than satisfactory Dynamix 1000VA UPS that I had a Desktop box
and LCD monitor connected to, has coughed its last and been scrapped. It
worked to a fashion but I guess I got what I paid for.
They are a bit poor, but the price reflects that. The main downside is the battery life is lucky to be 3 years, and they often get under 2 years.

The best cure for that is to do a battery test monthly without failure. Meaning switch off the wall input for 10-15 seconds once a month.

My APC UPSs do that themselves every fortnight after being turned back on, and they routinely give 7 years life off a set of batteries.
Now, what I'm after are "real world recommendations" of what is a linux
friendly device to procure as a replacement. That is, it must play
nicely with the NUT suite.
First option is to simply fit new batteries to your existing UPS if its not scrapped completely. It may not be great, but better than buying a new budget thing and fighting with NUT configs. a 9AH battery is $30 +GST+Freight ex chc or you can get them from Jaycar or Farnell.

A Powershield Commander 880W is $460 ++ add $265 for the SNMP board.

If you want to power something small and 12V for a long time, an 18W plug-pack UPS might be the answer. These have Lithium Ion batteries, not SLA, and cost around $80 ++

Or there's a power "brick" for $120

I have no experience of this Eaton, but at $325++ it looks not too bad. Its not ethernet though.

My work has a couple of these brand new unused to flog off, with an external battery pack and rack rails and bypass switching. They're looking for about half retail, so about $8k

In the used market
APC is generally good, as long as you have the right cable. There are at least 4 APC wiring standards, and the USB cable has a 10 pin RJ45 connector at the UPS end (yes)

APC with an ethernet card is fantastic - polling a device via SNMP works really well.

I've applied my 'Google' skills and see a range in the marketplace, I'm
already swayed toward APC but have seen EATON mentioned a few times.
Eaton's SNMP card worked well for me at a previous site but I have no access to that now. From memory there was a more-budget "commander" or "centurion" UPS that worked fine too. All SNMP cards use the same protocols so nothing custom, unless you want to read battery temp or fan speed or something specialised.
What are people on this list using in SOHO applications, or are we now all 
laptops, tablets and smart-phones.
You imply that SOHO is not the same as mainstream business UPS? I personally have several APC UPSs

300W backups with USB cable, runs my desktop for ~10 mins with no monitors.
650W SmartUPS with serial cable to pfsense firewall - runs APU, ONT, POE switch and ~10 POE things 1500W Smart UPS rackmount, fitted fresh batteries 2 months ago and it ran 5 servers for 25 minutes, two switches and ~5 POE things.

I also have 3000W SmartUPS with NIC that work but have dead batteries. I bought some new cheap SLA batteries from Farnell but they didn't have a suitable discharge rating and the UPS simply turns off with no mains. Not good, given it needs 8x 4.5 Ah batteries so several hundred dollars to recondition.

Related - if anyone wants some 99% brand-new 4.5Ah 12V batteries I can sort you out. Check with me off-list.



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