On Wed, Mar 14, 2007 at 02:01:04PM -0700, Rob Cameron wrote:
> u8u16-0.9  is available as open source software under an OSL 3.0 license
> at http://u8u16.costar.sfu.ca/

On second thought, I will not offer any further advice on this. The
website refers to "patent-pending technology". Software patents are
fundamentally wrong and unless you withdraw this nonsense you are an
enemy of Free Software, of programmers, and users in general, and
deserve to be ostracized by the community. Even if you intend to
license the patents obtained freely for use in Free Software, it's
still wrong to obtain them because it furthers a precedent that
software patents are valid, particularly stupid patents like "applying
vectorization in the obvious way to existing problem X".

Sorry for the harsh language but this is what you should expect when
you ask for advice from the Linux/Free Software community on
leveraging patents against them.

Rich Felker

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