> > Well, if your other patch to make it OK to be on-stack would be
> > applied instead, this wouldn't make much sense either :)
> > 
> Yes but that one only fixes ccm not gcm

Yes, but we can do the same for GCM, no?

> > In this particular patch, we could reduce the size of the struct,
> > but I
> > don't actually think it'll make a difference to go from 48 to 36
> > bytes,
> > given alignment etc., so I think I'll just leave it as is.
> > 
> I understand you are in a hurry, but this is unlikely to be the only
> such issue. I will propose an 'auxdata' feature for the crypto api
> that can be used here, but also for any other occurrence where client
> data assoiciated with the request can no longer be allocated on the
> stack

No objections. I'll merge this anyway today I think, reverting is easy


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