Hi Luis,

Thanks for all your feedback, greatly appreciated.

On 2018-03-10 09:40 AM, Luis R. Rodriguez wrote:
On Sat, Mar 10, 2018 at 6:35 AM, Luis R. Rodriguez <mcg...@kernel.org> wrote:
You also I take it have users in
mind? I'd like to see at least one user of the API or this fixing a
reported issue. Ie, if users have reported this as issues incorrectly,
referring to those incorrect posts as issues and how this created
confusion would help.

The current user I have in mind is amdgpu. I've got some local patches for changing it to use request_firmware_optional() for the optional firmware files. I will include them in the v3 of this series.

I've also queried some devs from the other DRM drivers in case this might be useful to them. So far I've gotten a reply from the nouveau devs who are also interested.

Your patch series then should also have the driver callers who you
want to modify to use this new API. Collect from the 802.11 folks the
other drivers which I think they wanted changed as well.

Arend, Kalle, would love to hear your feedback.

The old up on
that front was that the firmware API was in a huge state of flux and
debate about *how* we'd evolve the API, either through a data driven
API or functional driven API, ie whether or not we'd add a flexible
one API call with a set of options, or keep extending functionality
with new exported symbols per use case. The later is how we'd keep
evolving the API as such the way you are doing it is fine. Ie, if
there is a use case for an optional firmware also for the async case a
new API call will have to be made. As stupid as this sounds.

Seems like I got lucky with my timing for this request :)

Also please take a look at lib/test_firmware.c -- I don't think it
makes sense to add a new test case for this API call, so at least
worth documenting why somewhere if you find a suitable place for that.
> Also - I forgot to ask you to extend the
Documentation/driver-api/firmware/ documentation accordingly. Please
do that.

Will do, for these and the feedback in the previous Email.



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