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On 25. 09. 19 0:16, Bruce Ashfield wrote:
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Hi Bruce,

Would you please help merge these patches to linux-yocto v5.2/standard/xlnx-soc 
These are now merged.

Are these changes already done upstream, or applicable to upstream ? I just
want to make sure we aren't only fixes these in the yocto kernel when there
are other places that we can fix as well.
We don't have this in mainline or xilinx kernel simply because none has
asked for it.
I am completely missing any manual/description how this should be tested
but I expect this is based on mainline binding.

Hi Bruce & Michal,

1.  The patch "ARM: dts: zc702: Fix I2C bus warnings"  fix some dtb building warnings. And

this warnings will not happen in SDK (v4.19) and upstream. Because dtc in SDK not check this

and in upstream the zynq-zc702 dts file is in correct format. This patch is needed only because I

apply SDK patch to v5.2 kernel.

2. The patch "mmc: sdhci-of-arasan: Fix the incorrect soft reset operation when runtime resuming"

is also because that SDK patch use old function API and v5.2.16 use a new one.

3. The patch "arm: dts: zynq: enablement of coresight topology" is for coresight. It is not mature now

and I only simply verify it by using ptm2human, but will need more test on this patch.



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