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patches for zynq7000
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Hi Bruce,

Would you please help merge these patches to linux-yocto
v5.2/standard/xlnx-soc branch?
These are now merged.

Are these changes already done upstream, or applicable to upstream ?
I just
want to make sure we aren't only fixes these in the yocto kernel when
are other places that we can fix as well.
We don't have this in mainline or xilinx kernel simply because none has
asked for it.
I am completely missing any manual/description how this should be tested
but I expect this is based on mainline binding.
Hi Bruce & Michal,

1.  The patch "ARM: dts: zc702: Fix I2C bus warnings"  fix some dtb
building warnings. And

this warnings will not happen in SDK (v4.19) and upstream. Because dtc
in SDK not check this

and in upstream the zynq-zc702 dts file is in correct format. This patch
is needed only because I

apply SDK patch to v5.2 kernel.
I just need to take a look but not a problem with it at all.

2. The patch "mmc: sdhci-of-arasan: Fix the incorrect soft reset
operation when runtime resuming"

is also because that SDK patch use old function API and v5.2.16 use a
new one.
ditto - it should be ok.

3. The patch "arm: dts: zynq: enablement of coresight topology" is for
coresight. It is not mature now

and I only simply verify it by using ptm2human, but will need more test
on this patch.
Do you have any description somewhere how to use it? Or can you please
put together any manual how to use it?

Hi Michal,

I just follow the document "Documentation/trace/coresight.txt" to test the coresight.

On target:

root@xilinx-zynq:/sys/bus/coresight/devices# echo 1 > f8801000.etb/enable_sink root@xilinx-zynq:/sys/bus/coresight/devices# echo 1 > f889c000.ptm/enable_source
root@xilinx-zynq:/sys/bus/coresight/devices# sleep 2
root@xilinx-zynq:/sys/bus/coresight/devices# echo 0 > f889c000.ptm/enable_source root@xilinx-zynq:/sys/bus/coresight/devices# dd if=/dev/f8801000.etb of=/root/1.bin
8+0 records in
8+0 records out
4096 bytes (4.1 kB, 4.0 KiB) copied, 0.00170529 s, 2.4 MB/s

On PC:

./ptm2human -p -i 1.bin > 1.txt

In 1.txt, I get some lines as below:

instruction addr at 0xffff0018, ARM state, exception (IRQ), secure state,
instruction addr at 0x80102160, ARM state,
instruction addr at 0x805ae280, ARM state,
instruction addr at 0x80177ac8, ARM state,
instruction addr at 0x80177ad8, ARM state,
instruction addr at 0x801893a8, ARM state,
instruction addr at 0x801881d8, ARM state,
instruction addr at 0x801893e8, ARM state,

I checked the System.map and the addresses like 0x80102160, 0x805ae280 are for

__irq_svc and gic_handle_irq.  So these instructions which are captured should be in a irq call routine.

But ptm2human can't parse detailedly the tracing packets.

So I can't say that the coresight function works well with this patch. More test methods are needed to verify it.

In ./Documentation/trace/coresight.txt, it says that DS-5 and Trace32 can also parse the

tracing packets and will get more detailed data as below:

Info                                    Tracing enabled
Instruction     106378866       0x8026B53C      E52DE004 false   PUSH     {lr} Instruction     0       0x8026B540      E24DD00C        false SUB      sp,sp,#0xc
Instruction     0       0x8026B544      E3A03000        false MOV      r3,#0
Instruction     0       0x8026B548      E58D3004        false STR      r3,[sp,#4] Instruction     0       0x8026B54C      E59D3004        false LDR      r3,[sp,#4]
Instruction     0       0x8026B550      E3530004        false CMP      r3,#4
Instruction     0       0x8026B554      E2833001        false ADD      r3,r3,#1 Instruction     0       0x8026B558      E58D3004        false STR      r3,[sp,#4]

But I am still striving to find out how to use DS-5 to parse the data.

Is there any plan for xilinx SDK to support coresight?



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