i'm prepping to teach 5 days of compTIA linux+ next week, after
which the students will have the option to write exams based on that
content for their LPI certification, so i'm working my way through the
course manual and just hit the section on backups, which opens with
explaining how to use "dump". argh.

  i understand that dump is ubiquitous, and that it integrates with
entries in /etc/fstab but, beyond that, does anyone seriously use dump
for official backups these days?

  i suspect i'll have to cover that utility to some extent, just
because it could conceivably be on the exam, so even if i consider
some of the course content utterly archaic, i still have to cover it.

  but what are folks out there using for their backups these days?
tar? rsync? amanda? the possibilities are endless, of course, but i'll
still cover dump, even as i strongly discourage people from using it.



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