I suspect that the answer to that depends on what you are using as a backup 

I have a tape robot and more tapes than I can ever possibly use, so it gets 
some use. Mostly for archives. Amanda is a pain, as it wants to fill tapes, so 
lots of tape changes to get as much on a tape as possible. Bacula is somewhat 
better, as long as you like config files. rsync to a NAS is my usual backup 
strategy and synching the NAS to another is my redundancy. The occasional dd to 
an external HDD from my laptop is also a hedge against disaster.

In defence of dump, I used it relatively recently to virtualize a system that 
was on old hardware and not readily accessible. Other methods I tried failed. 
Restoring dump files to correctly sized virtual disks & LVMs on a new VM from a 
live distro made it an easy task. I suspect I could even turn that into a short 
topic talk for a future meeting if there is interest.

> On Feb 22, 2018, at 10:33 AM, Robert P. J. Day <rpj...@crashcourse.ca> wrote:
>  i'm prepping to teach 5 days of compTIA linux+ next week, after
> which the students will have the option to write exams based on that
> content for their LPI certification, so i'm working my way through the
> course manual and just hit the section on backups, which opens with
> explaining how to use "dump". argh.
>  i understand that dump is ubiquitous, and that it integrates with
> entries in /etc/fstab but, beyond that, does anyone seriously use dump
> for official backups these days?
>  i suspect i'll have to cover that utility to some extent, just
> because it could conceivably be on the exam, so even if i consider
> some of the course content utterly archaic, i still have to cover it.
>  but what are folks out there using for their backups these days?
> tar? rsync? amanda? the possibilities are endless, of course, but i'll
> still cover dump, even as i strongly discourage people from using it.
> rday
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