Ok, those test robot reports are hard to read, but trying to distill it down:

On Wed, Feb 13, 2019 at 1:19 AM Chen Rong <rong.a.c...@intel.com> wrote:
>          %stddev     %change         %stddev
>              \          |                \
>     196250 ±  8%     -64.1%      70494        will-it-scale.per_thread_ops

That's the original 64% regression..

And then with the patch set:

>          %stddev      change         %stddev
>              \          |                \
>      71190             180%     199232 ±  4%  will-it-scale.per_thread_ops

looks like it's back up where it used to be.

So I guess we have numbers for the regression now. Thanks.

And that closes my biggest question for the new model, and with the
new organization that gets ird of the arch-specific asm separately
first and makes it a bit more legible that way, I guess I'll just Ack
the whole series.


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