Le 21/08/2020 à 15:50, Giuseppe Sacco a écrit :
Il giorno ven, 21/08/2020 alle 15.29 +0200, Christophe Leroy ha
Maybe the easiest would be first to locate this issue. Can you send me
the vmlinux and the .config matching the Oops in the video ?

And also the output of git bisect log ?

Here it is. Not really the one on the video, but the last "skipped" for
the same problem.


The Oops in the video shows that the issue is at 0x1bcac and msr value shows that Instruction MMU is disabled. So this corresponds to address 0xc001bcac. In the vmlinux you sent me this address is in power_save_ppc32_restore()

This issue is fixed by https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/project/linuxppc-dev/patch/7bce32ccbab3ba3e3e0f27da6961bf6313df97ed.1581663140.git.christophe.le...@c-s.fr/

You also said in a previous mail that your original issue also happens when CONFIG_VMAP_STACK is not selected. The above bug being linked to CONFIG_VMAP_STACK, maybe it would be easier to bisect with CONFIG_VMAP_STACK unselected.


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