On Wed, May 20, 2020 at 03:40:16PM +0200, Werner Macho wrote:
> If the output of this:
> ># phc_ctl ens2f1 get cmp
> phc_ctl[2350429.937]: clock time is 1589981848.451319038 or Wed May 20
> 15:37:28 2020
> phc_ctl[2350429.937]: offset from CLOCK_REALTIME is -37001639797ns
> now means that the NTP-synced clock of the PC where all this is running
> (CLOCK_REALTIME) is  -37001639797ns offset of the PHC on NIC ens2f1
> than this is exactly what I needed.

Yes, the -37 seconds part reflects the UTC - TAI offset.
> If someone could please confirm this one last question.

I think you have what you need with phc_ctl.


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