On Dienstag, 3. April 2018 19:24:58 CEST Andrew C wrote:
> Would it be out of the question for me to enquire about the future
> development of a "simple and stupid" automatic crossfade creator for
> Gigedit?
> Based on the prerequistes that all velocity layers are "layer" types, would
> it be a reasonable idea  for all layers of all dimensions have their
> 'crossfade' data start and end points sliced up and split from the
> available 127 crossfade points, evenly across all layers?

Mmmm, not sure if that would make sense. There are already features in gigedit 
to achieve that. You can either use gigedit's "combine tool" to combine 
existing sounds to one crossfade layered sound, or you can simply change the 
dimension type of such an existing instrument from dimension type "velocity" 
to type "layer".

Then the only task left would be to fine tune the crossfade points of that 
layered instrument. In practice almost all sounds on the market use the same 
velocity split points for all regions. Accordingly you can just

1. enable check boxes "all regions"

2. uncheck check box "all dimension splits"

3.1. select the respective layer

3.2 adjust/fine tune selected layer's crossfade points

Then condinue with 3.1 until all few layers are adjusted.

That's probably a 2 minute job or even less.


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