On Freitag, 13. April 2018 17:37:16 CEST Andrew C wrote:
> Fair points, I was just hoping to bring some automation, but I'm sure
> that's not worth the development time on your side :-)

Yes, personally I simply would not need such a feature.

In the end you have the libgig sources, which also come with a bunch of 
command line tools. So you could try simply copy paste gig2stereo.cpp (or any 
other one of the tools) as a starting point and adjust it to create your 
personal tailored conversion tool which nails down exactly what you need it to 
do. Be brave, you can do that! ;-)

> Also started another "think-tank" on the smartmidi legato scripting for
> westgate woodwinds and other(VSL giga instruments? Same principles)
> smartmidi instruments.
> After a few days investigation into 'how' the legato should sound/be
> scripted, I'm nearly ready to write some code.. (making plans for plans!)
> Watch this space? ;-)

That's how it works. The concept always first.


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