Le 26 févr. 06, à 20:57, Jerome Vernet a écrit :

perhaps the drive is also dead, so I will retry with another one (without killing anything on the drive itself).

Ok, I've just tested with another drive (F75W, 1,44). This time, with the ribbon cutted in 9 and 20, I have exactly the same behavior than with the original disk.

So, it's not the drive. It may be the Lite Adapter, wich is dead. :( No way to find one, I suppose...

Or what else can I do ? There is two ribbon that can connect to the Lite Adapter. I usually use the first one, I've tested with the other with no success (the drive is not seen at all).

I have two IO card, both tested with same behavior. I have in fact two back plane with CPU, IO and mem, same thing :( :(

It all for today, I will bring the Lisa back to my stock for a long time...

Thanks for your help !


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