Hi Jerome,

and of course everybody else in the now again PC-free Lisa list :-)
Please read also my aquestion below... but first some answers to Jerome's question

The Lisa Lite Card is the little card in the disk cage ? The drive is connected to a little card, wich is itself connected to the mainboard.
Yes, you already have the Card. So you can proceed with following modifications
The only modifications are: Just pull PIN 9 and PIN 20 of the ribbon cable, when you use a 800k Mac Drive or the 1,44MB Mac Super Drive.
You say I really can use any 1.44 drive ?
Yes !
To 'pull PIN 9 and PIN 20' do I need to cut the ribon ?
No, but it was easy for me to type that in. Of course you will disconnect the PIN 9 wire and the PIN 20 wire on the Sony Floppy Board by cutting it with a sharp knife
 Remove the PIN from the disk ?
Assuming that the red wire is '0', on the drive, where are PIN 9 and 20 ?
Look on the Sony Floppy-Board and search the ribbon connection (mostly left bottom when the drive lays with insertion side awya from you): they're often marked with 1 (and below 2) on the left side of the double array PINs and 19 (and below 20) on the right side.
You can count:
1 3 5 7  9 11 13 15 17 19
2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
You will see PIN 9 and also PIN 20 connected to a bridge or/and to a resistor. Cut this connections! Then plug your 800k or 1,44 SuperDrive as usually to your Lisa, as if it were the original built-in OA D34V 3,5" Floppy Drive from Sony the so called Lisa Floppy-drive :-)

I have plenty of 800k drive,
use them ! They're often better working than the older Lisa-Drives, which often have mechanical problems due to age. But they should be repaired ! Don't throw it away :-)
but no 400k drive...
Beside the very little modification (1 head and a little different management) the're identical, when you regard them as Black-Box with one connection and another side, where you can put in your disks :-)

Perhaps you or somebody else will see, that your Lisa (in case you don't use the Lisa Lite Card) will boot a little slower, cause the Floppy-Drive reads a little slower, but that doesn't matter for testing. And it doesn't matter when you use your Lisa. There are no effects caused by the F51W or F75W drives.

Is there anybody out there, who worked with the little software unit for programmers in the early /mid 80ies, which was partially based on Lisa OS but runs on the Macintosh (later called Mac 128k) ? This routine wasn't an emulation of a Lisa, but partially worked like a Lisa on the Mac and it's roots must have been based on Lisa OS, due to remarkable similarities of that software - or better "OS" E.g. the data storage on the built-in Floppy-Drive of the MacIntosh was identical as on the Lisa, it wasn't MFW. And you could read only Lisa disks, no MFW or DOS or Apple II or Apple III Disks, not on profiles with the adapter card, nor on 5,25" Disks in external Floppy-Drives, nor on 3,5" Disks...

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