> Thanks for taking care of my DISCUSS points. I will clear but I note that
> the COMMENT points below still seem pertinent.

Thanks again for your comments Suresh.

> * Can you please clarify why Rsvd2 is reserved for future use but this
> document already ends up specifying it under “Segmentation"

I have done fixed this.

> * I think the reference for AFI is not correct. Shouldn't it be
> http://www.iana.org/assignments/address-family-numbers/address-family-numbers.xhtml?
> The current reference leads to a generic IANA page.

I missed this on your first set of comments. Added now.

> * Section 4.8:
> Is the explanation for the AFI correct? The source dest lookups don't
> seem to be multicast addresses.
> "When a specific AFI has its own encoding of a multicast address, this
> field must be either
>      a group address or a broadcast address.”

I fixed this to refer to “y” for the destination prefix only. 


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