I have started to install everything via PXE because it's just too
convenient, but pfsense is eluding me.

Using pxelinux and 

  label pfsense
    menu label Install pfSense
    kernel memdisk
    initrd iso/pfSense-LiveCD-2.0.3-RELEASE-i386-20130412-1022.iso.gz

starts to run, but then fills the screen with binary gobbledegook. Not
too surprising on a system with 256MB RAM.

There is 
but its main reference is to 
which was said to be excellent, but was on a home box for 6 months in
2007 and the guy put in a robots.txt preventing archive.org access. Not

The only relevant info I can find on pfsense.org is 

Essentially it sets up a PXE boot of boot/pxeboot and changes the
pfsense install media files to mount an NFS filesystem to boot from, if
I read it correctly.

This solution has the downside that my DHCP server is pfsense, which
doesn't allow to give per-host DHCP options like specifying the file to
load and run. It can only be done globally, and there I configured
pxelinux because it does everything else for me. (Correct me if the
pfsense DHCP server can serve options like filename or root-path on a
per-host basis.)

Is anyone able to tell what the pxelinux menu.c32 options should be to
start the pfsense installation, by whatever means? I'd prefer ftp, but
nfs if must be (it's a pain, basically).

Are there other instructions I have missed?

Thanks muchly,


Volker Kuhlmann
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