I'm a new pfSense user and just set up my first box, which is a
wireless access point. The problem is that I can't ping my pfSense
box (or use the web configurator) from the LAN side, but both work
from the WAN. Here are some details about my setup:

WAN: ethernet, IP assigned via DHCP
LAN: wireless in AP mode, no IP configured, but obtained via DHCP from the WAN
bridge: bridges WLAN and LAN interfaces, no IP configured

I can connect to the access point and the hosts get an IP address.
If I scan the network from the LAN (wireless connection) I get this
result:  (gateway) (the host I'm scanning from, LAN) (some other host, WAN)
  more hosts…

However, if I scan the network from the WAN I get this result:  (gateway) (the pfSense box) (the host I'm scanning from, WAN)
  more hosts…

I have no firewalls rules, except one per interface, which permits
all traffic. I can provide more information if necessary, just let
me know.

How can I make the pfsense box visible from the LAN side? Am I doing
something wrong or is this expected?


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