I have successfully created an IPSEC tunnel with a Cisco ASA 5520 and my 
pfSense 2.0.3 appliance. 

My side is a PRIVATE LAN network, their side is a PUBLIC network /27. 

I am able to connect successfully to one of their public IP's and specific port 
through the tunnel. However they are having trouble connecting to one of my 
internal hosts through the tunnel from their side. 

Since theirs is a public IP coming through the tunnel I am confused on where to 
put the rule to allow traffic from their public network to pass to a host on my 
internal LAN from the IPSEC tunnel. 

I have read the section in my pfSense Definitive Guide 13.3 IPSec and firewall 
rules.. but I guess I need some clarity. 

Any hints/education would be appreciated. 


Mark Street, D.C., RHCE 
Chief Technology Officer 
Alliance Medical Center 
(707) 433-5494 
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