Oh that's odd, they were mixed-up on the console screen and on the
option to reassign interfaces. 

I'd expect em0 em1 and em2 to be enumerated same order as the virtual
interfaces presented to the VM, but when reassigning, they were like

em0     first MAC address       (up)
em1     third MAC address       (up)    <-- shouldn't that be the second
MAC address?
em2     third MAC address       (down)  <-- correct MAC address, but
surely that should be 'up'?

I chose interfaces again anyhow (WAN --> em1, LAN --> em0 and OPT1 -->
em2). After one restart my internet access disappeared, but reassigning
via the UI WAN --> PPPOE1 did the trick. 

After one restart it's still working.

Many thanks, I'll remember that one in future!

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> OPT1 interface - actually has the VM's WAN MAC address (the second
interface rather than the third interface)

If you haven't yet, you might want to reassign interfaces on the console
login screen. The Option is number (1) in the list. 

Then reboot.

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