> On May 18, 2016, at 20:39, Olivier Mascia <o...@integral.be> wrote:
> I had switched through the GUI to Branch development snapshots experimental 
> while I was initially in 2.3-REL on some boxes. It helped a lot in the 
> interim.
> Following announcement of 2.3.1-REL I just switched the GUI settings back to 
> Stable branch.
> But upon checking for new update, it offers me some 2.3.2 snapshot, and not 
> 2.3.1-REL.
> I guess the steps to do should be more or less similar to those I had to do 
> to switch from 2.3 beta to 2.3 REL.
> But could you please remind these steps (or link) here to help?
> Could you also log the wish to have the GUI obey the instruction of switching 
> back to Stable branch and indeed offer an 'upgrade' path from whatever 
> snapshot it was on back or toward the latest REL version? I'm sure it would 
> help some people, too.
> Many thanks for this 2.3.1 bug fix release!

When you use stable repo configuration, as you did, you will show on GUI 2.3.2 
as the next available version and it happens because your current repository 
config still have information about devel branch, since stable didn’t exist yet 
when you updated last time.

You can go ahead and upgrade and you will end up on 2.3.1-RELEASE, but if you 
want to be really sure about it, go to console and run option 13, when it asks 
for confirmation just say No. At this point all repo information will be 
updated and you will see 2.3.1-RELEASE even on GUI

Renato Botelho

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