What you're trying to accomplish is something we commonly do with conditional 
forwarders, but they would forward all requests to a specific domain so 
site1... and site2... would have to be separate domains.  I don't use bind to 
do that personally but I would assume it has that capability. Perhaps that will 
at least give you the proper search terms to find more info.

On Sep 22, 2016, 15:58, at 15:58, Steve Yates <st...@teamits.com> wrote:
>I don't know if you need forwarding for this.  Can you just add an NS
>record to the example.com zone for site2.example.com pointing to
> (well, a hostname that points to that IP)?
>Steve Yates
>ITS, Inc.
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>I have two office connected over VPN, and both sites has own bind
>running in Pfsense. now i site1 client can resolve their DNS entries
>but i want site1/2 both can resolve each other entires. in short i want
>to tell DNS if you see site2.example.com then forward that query to
>site2 DNS server.  I have tired couple of stuff but didn't work. I have
>disabled DNS resolver/ DNS forwarder services. I am only using bind
>server, it has enable DNS Forwarding but if do that it didn't start my
>bind service.
>site1 -----------VPN-------------site2
>I want something like this in bind but don't know how do i add this?
>zone "site2.example.com" IN {
>    type forward;
>    forwarders {
>    };
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