On 1Gbps downloads, our pfSense firewalls are performing poorly with
speed tests of ~400Mbps. It's either pfSense configs (not likely) or the
hardware (more likely). I do not want to buy a commercial box. For our
corporate network, we use HP DL360s, so zero problem there.I need
something that is the size of a router, but can do 1Gbps with pfSense.

Who's got working configs / hardware combos that do 1Gbps easily?


I've been using Alix boards (APU1D4 as of late). The problem is: these
boards seem to top out at 400Mbps download. I have several clients who
have gigabit fiber connections, and they have been complaining to the
ISP that their service is slow. When they connect to the modem directly,
they get 1G download. When they go through the pfSense firewall we put
together using these Alix boards from PC engines, it drops to ~400Mbps.

There are several competing "router boards" (Microtik and the like), but
I have zero experience with them, I don't know if they will run pfSense
or if they will do the speed. The Alix + pfSense combo has been GREAT
for many years. If I change to something else, I don't want to go
through growing pains since I figure this is a solved problem, and
someone on this list knows / has a recommendation.

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