This board does round-up gigabit (something like 976 Mb/s) in both
directions on all 4 interfaces:

The key for me here was the interrupt coalescence of these particular
Intel NICs. A very similar board with Broadcom NICs that lacked this
feature maxed out the interrupt handler's CPU usage on Linux when
surpassing the forwarding of a single 1 Gb/s stream (1 Gb/s in on one
interface; 1 Gb/s out on another).

A potential downside is no AES-NI, which will affect any AES-utilizing
VPNs that you need to operate at gigabit speeds. I have no benchmarks at
the moment but can measure if this is necessary for you.

On 02/15/2018 09:14 AM, Michael Munger wrote:
> TL; DR.
> On 1Gbps downloads, our pfSense firewalls are performing poorly with
> speed tests of ~400Mbps. It's either pfSense configs (not likely) or the
> hardware (more likely). I do not want to buy a commercial box. For our
> corporate network, we use HP DL360s, so zero problem there.I need
> something that is the size of a router, but can do 1Gbps with pfSense.
> Who's got working configs / hardware combos that do 1Gbps easily?
> Background.
> I've been using Alix boards (APU1D4 as of late). The problem is: these
> boards seem to top out at 400Mbps download. I have several clients who
> have gigabit fiber connections, and they have been complaining to the
> ISP that their service is slow. When they connect to the modem directly,
> they get 1G download. When they go through the pfSense firewall we put
> together using these Alix boards from PC engines, it drops to ~400Mbps.
> There are several competing "router boards" (Microtik and the like), but
> I have zero experience with them, I don't know if they will run pfSense
> or if they will do the speed. The Alix + pfSense combo has been GREAT
> for many years. If I change to something else, I don't want to go
> through growing pains since I figure this is a solved problem, and
> someone on this list knows / has a recommendation.
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