I have 2.4.2 installed on an SG-2220 from Netgate [nice box]. I just bought
a 6TB powered USB drive from Costco and it works great (the drive has its
own power supply and a USB hub). I want to use it take ZFS backups from my
home server.

I edited /boot/loader.conf.local and /etc/rc.conf.local to load ZFS on boot
and created a pool and a file system. That worked, but the memory ran low
so I restricted the ARC cache to 1G to keep a bit more memory free and
rebooted. When the system rebooted it did not remount the pool (and
therefore the file system) because the pool what marked as in use by
another system (itself). That means that the pool was not properly
exported/umounted at shutdown.

Taking a quick look a rc.shutdown, I notice that it calls a customized
pfsense shutdown script at the beginning and then exits. Is there a good
place in the configuration where I can put/call the proper zfs shutdown
script so that the pool is properly stopped/exported so that it imports
correctly on boot?


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