Hello fellow Pfsense Users,

I have tried and failed many times to configure OpenVPN using Pfsense to
work in this situation I will explain below.

In my office we have a financial information system that should be accessed
only using a network IP addresses of which is only used by
Finance Department.

Based on this condition, I reserved a subnet and configured
VPN server using Pfsense to use this local address using CIDR as required.
The local address of the whole LAN is

When a user connects to Pfsense server using the Public IP,  it gives IP
address to VPN users as required . But the problem comes users can not
connect to the Financial Information System server or access
any server that is in the LAN. But it works when I  put any other full
address let's say as the VPN server clients IP released

I tried to add firewall rules, it still failed but based on the time
allocated for this task, I could not experiment more so I chose Endian
Firewall to finalize the work. I really need to use Pfsense server because
it is our gateway server, and it  will spare the IP address used by Endian
VPN for now.

Based on the explanations above, I kindly request for your help on this.

Thanks in advance.
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