One thing to take a look at would be Security Onion.  I use this in concert 
with my other security gear as a means by which to analyze all traffic coming 
in\out of my network.  That analysis drives several follow-on activities such 
as Snort tuning, forensics, etc.

Re: wifi, check out Mikrotik.  I did an eval about 6 months ago that included 
MT, Ubiquity, Dlink, Linksys, etc. - about 5 vends in all.  I do agree the 
Ubiquity line is solid but it is a bit costly when compared to some other 
options such as MT.  The latter is far and away the best value especially when 
considering their wireless performance.  I need to also state there is a bit of 
a learning curve there but once you dig in and get the hang of it, it’s not an 
issue at all.  MT devices also have have a very comprehensive feature set.

Let me know if you have any other questions re: this stuff...
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