We've run into a data overage situation at a datacenter... We get charged a 
premium per GB over 500GB (yes I know, stupid). Their reporting system seems to 
indicate significantly less data usages vs pfSense's RRD reporting... their 
billing system seems to be indicating overage similar to their reporting... 
Uploads seem to be growing significantly. Any idea why the pfSense box seems to 
be counting differently than the datacenter's metrics? We need to track down 
where this usage is happened, but I know users have only grown ~5% over that 
same period of time.

Here are stats for each month:

January                                February                              
March                                   April                                   
             May (to 23rd)
Datacenter (Upload/Download):               618.95GB/76.01GB          
365.25/47.15GB                799.92/79.81GB                801.67/105.01GB     
pfSense RRD (Upload/Download):            1372.41GiB/148.91GiB    
1388.65/149.60GiB           1697.71/152.24GiB                1706.53/200.86GiB  

Any suggestions how or why there is a mismatch?


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