I've been happily using the "Outgoing Network Interfaces" set to my VPN
interface to prevent DNS leaks and its been working pretty well until
today when all of a sudden it stopped resolving DNS requests. In fact,

[fri may25, 03:04 ][user@1:~]nslookup www.google.com

** server can't find www.google.com: SERVFAIL is my pfSense box hooked to DSL modem. As soon as I set
"Outgoing Network Interfaces" to my WAN, then it all works again.
However, this means that although my traffic is vehicle through VPN, the
DNS Resolver is routing requests via ISP instead of VPN. I don't
understand how all of a sudden the VPN server stopped allowing DNS
requests to be passed from my pfSense maching. Does this seem plausible
and how do you think I can diagnose this? The is no way i can get ubound
to work unless i set "Outgoing Network Interfaces" to WAN. This was not
the case until yesteday.

Any clues?



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