> Based on your earlier post I was able to understand how to use filter for 
> transcoding.and I'am able to transcode the video stream.
> However I have one problem in it. I cannot use 1 stream coming from the 
> camera to be transcoded to multiple transcoded images. 

When you say “1 stream from the camera […] transcoded to multiple transcoded 
images” do you mean:
        1) the ability for multiple 'front-end' clients to access the proxy 
stream concurrently, with each of these front-end clients getting an 
(identical) copy of the transcoded stream, or
        2) allowing the proxy server to serve two (or more) different named 
streams that come from a single input ‘back-end’ stream, with each of the 
proxied streams being transcoded into a different codec and/or a different 

If you’re asking for 1), then this already happens automatically.  If multiple 
‘front-end’ clients access the proxy server, then they will each automatically 
get a copy of the transcoded stream (yet the transcoding will be done only 

However, if you’re asking for 2), then this is not possible with the current 
proxy server.  What you *can* do, however, is have two (or more) separate 
“ProxyServerMediaSession” objects, each using the same ‘back-end’ “rtsp://“ 
URL, but transcoded differently.  This will cause multiple copies of the 
‘back-end’ stream to come from the camera to the proxy server.  (You could 
avoid this, however, by putting *another* proxy server between the proxy server 
and the ‘back-end’ camera stream.)

Ross Finlayson
Live Networks, Inc.

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