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> My question is: how does the livecd know to install/use this kernel as 
> opposed to the Fedora distribution stock kernel?

The latest version is chosen, so your "custom" kernel needs to have a higher 
version than the one available in the official Fedora repositories. It can be 
either really be newer or if I'm not mistaking have a higher Epoch which is 
more important than the version.

A workaround would be to create your own custom repository with all the 
required packages including that kernel, and then using only that repository. I 
create it like this from my local cache:

    mkdir -p /tmp/local-repo/packages
    ln -s /var/cache/dnf/*/packages/*.rpm /tmp/local-repo/packages/
    createrepo_c -o /tmp/local-repo --skip-stat --changelog-limit 1 \
                 --compress-type gz --general-compress-type gz --checksum 
md5sum \
/var/cache/dnf/fedora-d02ca361e1b58501/repodata/gen/groups.xml \

Hope this helps,
Cristian Ciupitu
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