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I don't think this is a totally bad idea. In fact we already had something like 
this (nobody used it though), before it was removed in If it goes in, we might start using it 
actually -- e.g., currently we have watchpoint tests which fail on some devices 
which do not support watchpoints. There is no reasonable thing we can base the 
expectation as the exact same device with a different cpu revision could 
support watchpoints just fine, so we could just define the list of these tests 
externally (in this case, I would probably annotate them with the `watchpoint` 
category and then do the skips based on categories instead).

That said, I do have slightly mixed feelings about it, as it is increasing the 
complexity of an already complex system, and there are other possible ways to 
solve the watchpoint problem (have the tests detect whether the device supports 
watchpoints, and self-skip when appropriate).

Comment at: packages/Python/lldbsuite/test/
@@ +802,3 @@
+    if configuration.skip_files:
+        import re
+        for file_regexp in configuration.skip_files:
We should just `import re` at top level. A lot of tests already do that, so 
it's not likely it will break anyone.

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