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Chris - you might want to add @labath to this as well.

Comment at: source/API/CMakeLists.txt:9
@@ -8,1 +8,3 @@
+option(LLDB_BUILD_FRAMEWORK "Build the Darwin LLDB.framework" Off)
zturner wrote:
> Is there any reason to have this off when building on OSX?  Is there any 
> value in having it not be an option at all, but just if you're on Darwin, you 
> just always get a Framework?
I mentioned to Chris that I wasn't sure if the Google folks (or maybe Dawn) 
that build with the CMake build might want to keep it building the old way.

I'd be all for only building only the framework way with CMake if nobody else 
particularly cared.  That would simplify things.  But I don't want to force it 
if anybody else cares.

Our goal is to get the CMake-based build producing the same exact thing as our 
Xcode-based build.

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