tfiala added a comment.

I'd say the install rpath change is probably worth doing on the first round.  I 
think the top-level concept for frameworks is interesting but would be fine to 
come in as another change.

I'd like to start being able to use this.

Comment at: cmake/modules/AddLLDB.cmake:75
@@ -74,1 +74,3 @@
       if (PARAM_SHARED)
+        set(out_dir lib${LLVM_LIBDIR_SUFFIX})
+        if(${name} STREQUAL "liblldb" AND LLDB_BUILD_FRAMEWORK)
labath wrote:
> I am wondering whether this wouldn't be cleaner if instead of matching on the 
> library name, we made Framework a top-level concept, like PARAM_SHARED, and 
@labath that seems to make sense.

Comment at: cmake/modules/AddLLDB.cmake:115
@@ +114,3 @@
+    else()
+      set_property(TARGET ${name} APPEND_STRING PROPERTY
+                   LINK_FLAGS " -rpath 
labath wrote:
> It  should be possible to achieve this with the `INSTALL_RPATH` target 
> property. I think that is much cleaner. 
> <>
Yep, that seems like the more appropriate solution.

Comment at: source/API/CMakeLists.txt:9
@@ -8,1 +8,3 @@
+option(LLDB_BUILD_FRAMEWORK "Build the Darwin LLDB.framework" Off)
labath wrote:
> beanz wrote:
> > tfiala wrote:
> > > zturner wrote:
> > > > Is there any reason to have this off when building on OSX?  Is there 
> > > > any value in having it not be an option at all, but just if you're on 
> > > > Darwin, you just always get a Framework?
> > > I mentioned to Chris that I wasn't sure if the Google folks (or maybe 
> > > Dawn) that build with the CMake build might want to keep it building the 
> > > old way.
> > > 
> > > I'd be all for only building only the framework way with CMake if nobody 
> > > else particularly cared.  That would simplify things.  But I don't want 
> > > to force it if anybody else cares.
> > > 
> > > Our goal is to get the CMake-based build producing the same exact thing 
> > > as our Xcode-based build.
> > Since this is new functionality that changes the build system behavior it 
> > is always best to leave it optional and off by default so that it can be 
> > properly tested and won't impact consumers. For users who don't set 
> > `LLDB_BUILD_FRAMEWORK=On` this patch should be NFC.
> > 
> > Additionally since OS X is Unix it would be undesirable to force OS X to 
> > always build a framework because some users may prefer unix-style builds 
> > (me being one of them). Whether or not the default build should be a 
> > framework I think is a question we can ask ourselves later once this patch 
> > is fully tested and after subsequent patches to fix the install targets. 
> Thank you for thinking about us Todd. For us, it makes our downstream scripts 
> a bit simpler when the darwin and linux builds produce the same layout, but 
> we're not particularly married to them. If it makes things significantly 
> simpler, we would be fine with dropping it (but please do let us know if you 
> intend to do that).
> Thank you for thinking about us Todd. 

> If it makes things significantly simpler, we would be fine with dropping it 
> (but please do let us know if you intend to do that).

I think we'll see how it goes with it being optional up front, both so we can 
get it polished up and so we can see what kind of complexity we introduce for 
supporting both ways.  If it all goes well, we'll talk about simplifying with a 
single delivery style on macOS.

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