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Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try using `__ANDROID__` instead.

Comment at: cmake/platforms/Android.cmake:36
 # flags and definitions
 remove_definitions( -DANDROID -D__ANDROID__ )
danalbert wrote:
> You're removing it a line before just to add it back?
> `__ANDROID__` is probably the one you want. That one is defined by Clang (and 
> GCC if that matters) for any Android target, so no need to worry about 
> dealing with it in cmake (or any other build system).
> This isn't a concern right now, but if LLDB ever needed to become part of the 
> Android platform build, `ANDROID` doesn't actually mean `ANDROID`; it gets 
> set for host modules too :(
I have no idea who wrote this file, but a bit messy, and that's why I am trying 
to get rid of it. :)

I didn't know about the `__ANDROID__` thing. I'll try using that instead (and 
yes, I'd still like this to compile with gcc -- that's what we are using 
currently, although we may switch once this is sorted out).

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