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aprantl wrote:
> labath wrote:
> > I'm confused by these changes. I was under the impression that setUp() runs 
> > before each test method (and hence this should be NFC). Can you explain the 
> > reasoning behind this?
> (see also my previous comment) 
> `setUp` runs before everything else, but it runs once per testcase and 
> `self.testMethodName` is not initialized yet. Therefore we can only run 
> `` in `self.setUp()` in NO_DEBUG_INFO_TESTCASEs.
I'm not sure where you got the idea that testMethodName is not initialized. 
It's initialized as one of the first things in Base.setUp ( 
This also demonstrates that the setUp method is run once *per test function* 
(as otherwise testMethodName would make no sense; also check out 
third_party/Python/module/unittest2/unittest2/ to see how tests are 

The problem I think you are having is that self.**debug_info** is not 
initialized. I was curious at hard it would be to make this work, so I played 
around with it a bit and the result was D42836.

It's not that I think this change is that bad (although I would prefer if we 
could keep doing these things in setUp), but I think this could also help make 
happen the ideas about building binaries once per test case (class) -- the way 
I'd do that is that I would enumerate all variants that are needed to build in 
setUpClass (and build them); then the actual test could fetch the corresponding 
binary according to the variant.

Comment at: packages/Python/lldbsuite/test/
+        try:
+            os.makedirs(path)
+        except OSError as e:
+            import errno
+            if e.errno != errno.EEXIST:
+                raise
+        if not os.path.isdir(path):
Can we use the (new) lldbutil.mkdir_p here? If there's some circular 
dependency, maybe we could move the function somewhere else?

Comment at: packages/Python/lldbsuite/test/
             testdir = self.mydir
+        if not testname:
+            testname = self.testMethodName
         if self.debug_info:
Why was this necessary? Could we either always pass the name by argument, or 
always fetch it from `self`? Maybe it will be possible after `D42836`?

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