labath added inline comments.

Comment at: source/Core/Module.cpp:1286
+    if (SymbolVendor *vendor = GetSymbolVendor())
+      vendor->CreateSections(*GetUnifiedSectionList());
clayborg wrote:
> should we pass "obj_file" down into the SymbolVendor::CreateSections(...) 
> call for the case where the symbol vendor is using the same ObjectFile that 
> it can just return?
I don't think an extra parameter is needed to achieve this, as this is 
something that the symbol vendor should already know about based on how it was 

And after looking up the implementation, it seems this is already how it works 
right now: SymbolVendorELF (the only non-trivial implementation of this 
function) is only constructed if it manages to find debug info in an 
alternative symbol file (there's an `if 
module_file_spec.GetPath()))` check in `Symbols::LocateExecutableSymbolFile`). 
If we fail to construct a SymbolVendorELF then a default SymbolVendor instance 
is created in `SymbolVendor::FindPlugin` (and that one has a no-op 
implementation of this function).

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