labath added inline comments.

Comment at: source/Core/Module.cpp:1283-1284
   if (!m_sections_ap) {
-    ObjectFile *obj_file = GetObjectFile();
-    if (obj_file != nullptr)
+    if (ObjectFile *obj_file = GetObjectFile())
+    if (SymbolVendor *vendor = GetSymbolVendor())
clayborg wrote:
> If we are going to let the symbol vendor do it's thing, then we should 
> probably not manually call ObjectFile::CreateSections. The idea behind 
> SymbolVendor is that _it_ knows how best to do things for one or more object 
> files. Can we move all logic for parsing sections into the 
> SymbolVendor::CreateSections()?
I like that idea. I'm going to take a look to see how that could be done.

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