labath added a comment.

Seems straight-forward enough, but technically Jim is the owner of the 
expression evaluator these days, so I'll leave the honours to him.

Comment at: 
+        # output: (typeof (i)) $0 = 1
+        self.expect("expression p int i; __typeof__(i) j = 1; j",
+                    substrs=['(typeof (i)) $',
Are you sure this command is actually correct? The "p" here seems odd...

Comment at: source/Symbol/ClangASTContext.cpp:5264
-  case clang::Type::TypeOfExpr:
-  case clang::Type::TypeOf:
   case clang::Type::Decltype:
   case clang::Type::TemplateSpecialization:
I'm guessing this means decltype doesn't work either ?

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