vsk added a comment.

> Couldn't we just add a creator helper so that you can say:
> auto cleanup = makeCleanupRAII([&] {
>     process_sp->Destroy(/*force_kill=*/false);
>     debugger.StopEventHandlerThread();
>   });

@zturner In this version of the patch, CleanUp accepts a std::function, which 
gets rid of the lifetime issue with llvm::function_ref. So with this you should 
bee able to write "auto cleanup = CleanUp([&] { ... })". Does that work for you?

> What do you think about a syntax like:
> lldb_utility::CleanUp cleanup_our(::close, our_socket); // The CleanUp 
> constructor creates the std::function internally

@labath I find the current version of the code more readable, since the 
behavior of the cleanup is apparent in less time. And I'd prefer to keep the 
CleanUp utility very small, without any scope for expansion. I don't think the 
ergonomics of the new syntax outweigh the advantages of a simpler approach.

> we should also move the CleanUp class out of the lldb_utility and into 
> lldb_private namespace

Sounds good, I'll update the patch once we hash out the interface.


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